Online Training Reflection

The success of every effort begins with the question "Why" which shows the value of the effort. This allows us to accomplish meaningful learning and substantially improves the application of the knowledge we have acquired. This year has been both challenging and exciting with moving to online training, Lean leadership and new insights.

KAIZEN Education Positioning through KULABO

Scientists have conducted research that has increased our understanding of human cognition over the last four decades, providing deeper insight into how knowledge is organized, how experience shapes understanding, how people monitor their understanding, how learners differ from one another, and how people acquire expertise. Scientists and other thought leaders have been able to identify several fundamental principles of human learning based on this knowledge. This improved understanding of how individuals learn has the potential to dramatically impact the nature and outcomes of education.


describes the process of learning practical skills and knowledge. The KAIZEN™ Education program will provide the learner with K – knowledge through theories; U – understanding through relevant case studies, games, exercises, and activities to digest the knowledge; L – learning confirmed with assessment through testing; and A – application through the actual implementation of the learning in the real workplace, substantiated with reports and/or presentations. The continuation of the A – application of LEANing will ultimately lead to B – believing, and lastly to O – owning the topic. We must continue to improve ourselves with any specific information that cannot be taught in a classroom or via reading. The ability to apply information is gained via regular practice and the application of theory in the workplace.

KAIZEN™ for Gemba Teams

The KAIZEN™ for Gemba Teams course is aimed at Group Leaders and Business Improvement Practitioners. The sessions include principles of operational excellence, continuous improvement, and the KAIZEN™ Change Model (KCM) implementation in different sectors. The goal is to gain online and practical experience of the KAIZEN™ tools and techniques to enable application in the workplace.

Online Training Reflection

The first half of 2021 ushered in the first Kaizen Institute South Africa online training sessions which, although new territory for most, have proved to be effective in the digital era we are living in. Using a combination of Miro and their new Learning Management System, the Kaizen Institute South Africa team have put together an interactive and engaging experience to rival any other. 

“Having completed the "Foundations of Gemba Teams", "Daily KAIZEN™ 1" and "Daily KAIZEN™ 2" courses together; the benefits, immediate opportunity for application and accessibility of the knowledge shared has been wonderful. Mbuso, Debs and John ran an incredible virtual classroom that kept contact sessions engaging and interactive. The online learning platform and dashboard will make any visual management process proud.” – Jocelyn Evans 

The facilitators admitted that they, themselves, were surprised at the success of the online course in terms of engagement levels in the sessions. Mbuso Nkosi, MD and one of the facilitators, praised “the great level of engagement between participants as we walked through the activities they did offline for application in their own industries from fire safety systems, mining and supply chain consulting was a highlight for me in the training”.

Deborah Patterson mentioned travelling the KAIZEN™ journey with participants through the LMS in the month following the focused week of the course as invaluable for both the facilitators and participants as the completion of their submissions allowed for further interactions and better assist with implementation of the processes in each participants workspace.

KAIZEN™ Institute’s education leg prescribes to a vision that KAIZEN™-minded people, will acquire knowledge through the KAIZEN™ Education program, continue their learning to deepen our collaborative understanding of KAIZEN™ together so that they can create, support, and sustain highly effective, efficient, and growing organizations, everywhere. Look out for Kaizen Institute South Africa’s upcoming course on 

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