Kaizen Institute South Africa links up with World Economic Forum

“Kaizen Institute South Africa as part of Kaizen Institute Global is proud of our World Economic Forum member status.  As such, we plan to play our role locally,” says MD Mbuso Nkosi. 

Kaizen Institute Global has been a World Economic Forum Member since 2017. The Forum is a prestigious international organization that works with political, business, academic and other leaders to shape global, regional and industry agendas and drive positive change on societal issues. 

The Forum Members’ community represents outstanding global companies that are among the world’s top innovators, market shapers and disruptors. The list includes niche market leaders and regional champions.

“KI’s stated global mission is to ‘Improve the World with Everyone, Everywhere, Every Day – The KAIZEN™ Way’,” explains Nkosi. “This approach aligns with other Forum Members, who are mid-sized global enterprises that have been selectively sought by the World Economic Forum for their innovative business models, market influence, industry disruption, regional impact, corporate citizenship and visionary leadership.  

Collectively, they play a major role in global economic prosperity, are among the top job creators and are essential to a healthy regional and global business ecosystem.”

The World Economic Forum comprises over a 1000 institutional member companies that are at the heart of the Forum's activities. Membership is by invitation only and follows a diligent review of selection criteria.

“As part of this process, Kaizen Institute South Africa is committed to be a contributing member and will participate in appropriate regional summits of the organisation.  In time, we will work with other Forum members to influence change in our country.  

South Africa has its own set of unique challenges and, through our corporate philosophy of Continuous Improvement, we aim to foster longevity in our clients’ organisations as well as help build sustainability of the broader world we live in,” says Nkosi.

“Kaizen Institute’s core values of long-term sustainability, building trust based on humility and integrity, as well as its focus on the needs of customers and their people are closely aligned to those of the World Economic Forum and we are proud to play our part,” he concludes.

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