Kaizen Institute: Socioeconomic transformation through education

The Kaizen Institute committed to the United Nations Global Compact in January 2020, indicating its dedication to contribute to the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, mainly focusing on Quality Education (SDG 4).

Being mindful of the global and economic context for achieving sustainable development, at Kaizen Institute South Africa, we additionally recognise that sustainable interventions can only be achieved through proactive collaboration with like-minded partners.

As a result, we are proud to have partnered with Bridge Building OpEx Solutions and TB HIV Care in the development and execution of a Continuous Improvement training curriculum for adolescent girls and young women whose economic future is often hindered by their educational and geographic marginalisation.

Find your voice

With the aim of ‘planting a seed’ to help edify these young women’s potential to succeed in tough circumstances, our tailored self-paced foundations course, titled Foundations for a KAIZENer and themed #FindYourVoice, includes customized Continuous Improvement strategies to equip them with foundational KAIZEN™ knowledge and equip them with practical tools needed to Kickstart their careers.

Increase employability

At the end of this programme, participants were able to build and reinforce a Continuous Improvement culture. This engagement has also equipped them to develop new skills with the aim to improve employability. To validate our KAIZEN™ culture of 'improving lives, every day and everywhere', we have ensured that participants learn skills on how to create personal future planning with new goals.

By applying a context-sensitive outlook to our SDG 4 commitments, we will continue to prioritise opportunities to create sustainable societal impact not only through our products and services but through strategic partnerships for sustainable impact.


"We appreciate and are grateful to be part of the course and we're looking forward to pursuing more courses with you".

"Throughout this course, we've learnt more on principles for effective problem solving, creating value in the workplace and contributing effectively to organizations through improved teamwork skills".

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