Kaizen Institute now in South Africa

We as SMB Connexion are proud to announce our appointment as official representative for the internationally renowned Kaizen Institute for the SADC region.

The business is henceforth known as Kaizen Institute South Africa. Managing Director Mbuso Nkosi will head up Kaizen Institute South Africa team of nine experienced consultants.

Commenting on the appointment of SMB Connexion as Kaizen Institute, Nkosi says:

“Many companies in South Africa have implemented parts of the KAIZEN™ methodology into their organisations and we see a huge opportunity now to broaden the scope of its implementation through a formalised local presence.”

“What Kaizen Institute brings both to South and Sub-Saharan Africa is an approach that builds sustainable Enterprise Excellence. This is vital in order for African businesses to be globally competitive and to establish sustainable, world class organisations and communities,” he added.

KAIZEN™ principles are most effective when integrated with the business strategy and have been applied in all areas or value streams of enterprises throughout the world. 

 “This means KAIZEN™ should touch every area of the business and involve and empower all people within the organisation, not just management, nor can it be a short term solution,” Nkosi said.

 “We believe that while most companies in South Africa have used Lean tools, improvements to the business are short lived, because they have not been fully integrated into the business strategy and operations. Hence their impact is minimal,” he added.

 “KAIZEN™’s methodology provides a framework that utilises continuous improvement (CI) which is applied to critical processes that are integral to the goals of the business. This ensures that the business strategy can be implemented effectively,” Nkosi said.

SMB Connexion (SMBC) was established in 2006 by Geoff Ronaldson to provide process and team performance management using a variety of operational excellence tools within South Africa’s mining sector.

“SMB Connexion’s experience has given us great insight into the needs of local businesses, especially the mining sector. Now with Kaizen Institute’s backing and global track record, we have the opportunity to bring its benefits to multiple industries within South Africa,” Nkosi said.

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