Daily KAIZEN™ validated by SAIMechE

In a significant breakthrough for Kaizen Institute South Africa, The South African Institute of Mechanical Engineering (SAIMechE) has validated the KAIZEN™ Foundation and Daily KAIZEN™ courses, enabling participants to claim valuable Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.

In a letter to Kaizen Institute South Africa, SAIMechE says that, “after consideration by the CPD Review Committee, the activity (KAIZEN™ Change Model Series Training) is considered to support the CPD aims of the Engineering Council of South Africa.”

According to this validation, participants completing the course may claim five CPD credits in ECSA Category 1. The five points awarded is significant, considering that the Institute requires engineers to earn three points in a single year.

Kaizen Institute South Africa will hold its five-day remote learning training from November 16-20 later this year.

Kaizen Institute South Africa’s MD, Mbuso Nkosi, explains that validations are not easily achieved.  “The umbrella body controlling the engineering profession in South Africa, the Engineering Council of South Africa, lays down strict guidelines and criteria by which courses such as ours can be considered for validation.

The fact that seven specific criteria need to be adhered to underlines just how rigorous this process is.  We are therefore extremely proud of this validation and will use it to emphasise the critical importance of our contributions to both industry and our clients.”

The criteria include the requirement to “maintain or enhance the knowledge, skills and competence of participants,”; “provide an effective learning experience”; and “provide a balanced view and not be unduly promotional.” 

“By accepting our course and understanding that the workshops are led by a team of qualified and experienced consultants, the Institute acknowledges that it has real educational value to engineers out there.  That means that we at Kaizen Institute South Africa have an increasingly important role to play in an environment made more challenging by the twin effects of the economic recession and COVID pandemic in South Africa,” says Nkosi.

The Daily KAIZEN™ Team Leader Development Programme falls under the company’s Foundations and Culture banner and addresses Continuous Improvement in the development and management of teams, focussing specifically on in the role of the team leader.  Its goal is to boost management and daily improvement in teams. 

Mbuso Nkosi says, “Although the KAIZEN™ method ideally touches every area of the business, this particular course focusses on team leadership.  I must emphasise, though, that it follows the internationally accepted Kaizen Institute principle that interventions cannot be short-term solutions – they must be part of a continuous, long-term strategy.”

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