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Kaizen Institute's distinctive training program includes learning the theory and practice, and Gemba visits whenever possible.

"Working with the concepts and tools in a room and then immediately starting to apply them – this is, without a doubt, an innovative way of learning and managing change in a natural and painless way. The quick-wins, or more significant results, are reached and have a motivating effect for continuity of the change process."

Jaime Maia - Program Management Office, Sonae MC, Portugal

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You will learn about the philosophy and methods of Total Flow Management and how to use this system for improving process flow within production departments. The flow tools being taught help you to design the production process according to customer needs and to significantly reduce cycle time and inventory.


La produzione è ancora uno dei pilastri delle nostre aziende: per questo è fondamentale lavorare bene sul flusso dei materiali, delle macchine e delle persone e imparare a mantenerlo scorrevole. Lavorare bene sul flusso significa trovare nuove strategie, capaci di superare la sola Lean production, per l’innovazione di prodotto, il miglioramento costante di qualità e servizio, l’aumento della competitività. Per fare questo è necessario contare su persone allenate a costruire il cambiamento e a conquistare obiettivi. Questo KLE serve a imparare come guidare meglio il proprio team, come coinvolgerlo, come motivarlo per produrre risultati, con un’attenzione particolare a mantenere scorrevole il flusso dei materiali, delle macchine e delle persone all’interno dell’azienda. Per supportare la strategia e continuare a ridurre i costi, aumentare la flessibilità, la velocità nell’avviare nuovi prodotti e nel modificare linee, layout e intere supply chain, sviluppandone il pieno potenziale.


He/she can perform in any company; Manufacturing or sevice companies as leaders of improvements teams, those trusted in the constant search of areas of opportunity for the improvement of quality and optimization of processes in products or services. This results in a competitive advantage over other suppliers and generally economic benefits are obtained by reducing operating costs; which directly affects a lower price to the client and better dividends to the partners. The participant works in a scheme that allows him to immediately apply the knowledge acquired in his company. Because the projects that will be managed in the immediate future should be oriented to positively impact the strategic indicators of the business, this, definitely related to active participation, to a greater or lesser extent of all the members of the organization.


This course addresses to the operational efficiency in an industrial environment, allowing to increase productivity, reduce costs and decrease Lead Time in organisations.

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In-house Training

KAIZEN™ In-house Training

Customized KAIZEN™ In-house Training is tailored to the specific needs, defined objectives and business goals of our clients.

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