Big results come from many small changes accumulated over time

KAIZEN™ Insight Healthcare Tour
Japan, 26 February –
2 March 2018

Exceptional access and insights to Lean Healthcare methodologies

"The implementation of shopfloor management, was another important step within our EFQM process and made us the benchmark leader in the meat processing industry."

Ralph Dausch - CEO Kaufland Fleischwaren, Germany

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KAIZEN™ Congresses

Nairobi, Kenya
12. – 13. July

KAIZEN™ Congress Mexico
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
9. October

European KAIZEN™ Congress
Wroclaw, Poland
27.-29. November

Over 300 short KAIZEN™ videos available on demand

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Welcome to Kaizen Institute
South Africa

Today KAIZEN™ is positioned as an important pillar of a long-term competitive strategy by many successful corporations.

KAIZEN™ Guiding Principles

  • Good processes bring good results
  • Go see for yourself to grasp the current situation
  • Speak with data, manage by facts
  • Take action to correct root causes of problems
  • Work as a team
  • KAIZEN™ is everybody's business
  • And much more!
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Upcoming Global Training Courses

“El proyecto a desarrollar debe ser de implementación real ” Características del Programa *96 Horas *El entrenamiento se divide en 3 módulos, formato fines de semana *Al finalizar obtendrán un reconocimiento con valor curricular *Preparación para el examen PMI® *Se entrega material didáctico en español


KAIZEN™ Foundation trening pomaže učesnicima da razumeju ključne KAIZEN™ termine: 7 gubitaka, 5S metod za uređivanje radnog prostora, 3 Mu okvir za opisivanje problema i metode za pronalaženje uzroka problema. KAIZEN™ je japanska filozofija neprekidnog poboljšanja. Masaaki Imai je osnivač Kaizen Instituta i najveći svetski ekspert u oblasti Kaizena i Leana. Obuke se izvode na srpskom po sertifikovanom programu Kaizen Instituta.


KAIZEN™ controlling je moderan trening koji pokazuje vezu između dve filozofije u biznisu, nemački controlling i japanski kaizen. Cilj treninga je da ljudi u proizvodnji dobiju znanje o osnovnim principima obe filozofije, i njihovoj vezi. Prvi deo obuke rezervisan je za objašnjavanje osnovnih pojmova ove dve filozofije. Nakon toga fokus je na cost controlligu, preko kojeg će polaznici dobiti znanja o troškovima i načinima za izračunavanje cene koštanja koja je postala jedna od glavnih zahteva menadžmenta. Polaznici će izučavati i oblast Gemba controllinga, modernog koncepta pomoću kojeg se menadžerima prikazuju finansijski pokazatelji jednog proizvodnog pogona. Pomoću analize CAPEX-a, polaznici će dobiti znanje o naprednim metodama za analizu investicija u proizvodni pogon.


He/she can perform in any company; Manufacturing or sevice companies as leaders of improvements teams, those trusted in the constant search of areas of opportunity for the improvement of quality and optimization of processes in products or services. This results in a competitive advantage over other suppliers and generally economic benefits are obtained by reducing operating costs; which directly affects a lower price to the client and better dividends to the partners. The participant works in a scheme that allows him to immediately apply the knowledge acquired in his company. Because the projects that will be managed in the immediate future should be oriented to positively impact the strategic indicators of the business, this, definitely related to active participation, to a greater or lesser extent of all the members of the organization.


Who works with Kaizen Institute

A small selection of the clients we serve.


"Kaizen Institute has done a commendable job in promoting KAIZEN™ across Africa, especially in East Africa. With many organizations trained and on the path of KAIZEN™, there is significant awareness, learning and capacity enhancement. We at BIDCO across Africa have been one of the earliest clients and we continue to be a staunch believer and promoter of KAIZEN™ in every process and business!"

Vimal Shah - Founder Director BIDCO Africa, Kenya

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